Let There Be Cock

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That dick makes my mouth water and my ass twitch











Get ready to fucking blow your load ….. that’s all I have to say ….. for now that is ……

damn hot SC clip.   I’m a top so I know I’d love to fuck that ass, but hell, that top makes me want to let him fuck my ass and fill me with his seed

            ——— He fucking makes me want to do the same, guyinnashville …… man, he is so fucking energetic and enthusiastic …. and the way his whole body reacts to the orgasm, especially those legs, is fucking hot ….. wouldn’t mind at all feeling that hot cock inside me pumping that load ………


Holy fuck, one of the sexiest fuck I’ve ever seen, not only they are loud and vocal. The way that the top fucks bottom so good that bottom has to catch his breathe so hard, and the top pulls him in and kiss him while he’s catching his breathe. And how when the top pound faster both getting loud and intense together. At last when the top cums so intensely and hard, his legs twitching and the bottom pull top’s sensitive cock and sits on it. Fuuuuuck this turns me on so much.

            ——- The hot fuck talk starting at 3:42 where the top says “it feels so fucking good …. makes me want to fucking cum” and the bottom says “oh yeah?” and then tells him “not yet” because he wants that hot cock to keep fucking him ….. fuck!


sodosatyr: Used to say I love hot guys in jeans; love them more when they’re out of them, but these two?  Keep ‘m off and keep fucking, guys, you’re amazing!

I’m not sure I can add much to what’s already been said.  This is fucking hot.  They start out with some serious bro-affection in the foreplay…they are clearly into each other…the shirtless, sockless jeans look just takes it even further.  By the time they get to fucking, you notice the sexy SoCal board shorts tan…the rock hard cock on the top…the moaning…the thigh muscles of the bottom dude….until they finally end up making love to each other…this is more than just a fuck….These guys understand chemical lust and sex.  

Reblogging scruffjock’s fuck-hot comments ….


Dirty, sleazy sex. Working together yet separately to use the hell out of this bottom bitch’s holes. 

Now that’s called being fucking manhandled

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